"For a custom baby"

liliNash is an exciting new baby furniture + apparel company committed to pleasing the needs of parents, their children and gift-givers. Giving the customer opportunity for creativity and specialization to place their colors and ideas on an item; giving it newfound life. Creating fun, enthusiastic and particular designs detailed to making your vision a reality. Allowing your little one's individuality + personality to radiate through each design. 

liliNash is a refreshingly new custom baby furniture + apparel company located in the heart of Baltimore City. We are dedicated to fulfilling a parent's need and dream of creating unique, personalized, and aesthetically appealing designs for your child.

Our custom baby furniture is made from salvaged and reusable items; transforming an old unwanted item, into a new personalized gift for the parent-to-be. liliNash also creates customized items from scratch.

Our apparel is provided on organic materials and all designs are drafted and hand-painted for your little one. The customer has the option to work directly with our designers to create a piece specifically for their baby.

liliNash strives to place a smile on every client's face by listening to all their needs to make an item that reflects their imagination.